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For who?

A place where parents can have a coffee or a snack with friends and where kids can play safely without disturbing anyone… Every parent’s dream!   

Going out for coffee or to the restaurant with a baby often turns out a hectic experience. Parents cannot relax as their kids get bored and up to mischief in a most likely hazardous environment

Le Café des bébés, a café like no other

Parents (or child minders) can relax: everything in this café is designed for our little ones from 0 to 3 years old. Babies are free to go as they please. They can touch everything, make a lot of noise, sing, play, run around, explore, listen to stories or share snacks. Mums can breastfeed comfortably on a couch. 


The concept

A fun place that is designed for babies and toddlers in the historical center of Montpellier

High chairs, small tables, baby chairs and play mats, a pushchair area, nappy changing facilities, warm and clean floorboards (thanks to a No shoes policy), an aquarium, a ball pit, drawing boards, mirrors, and lots and lots of toys!

Le Café des Bébés is open all day for you to come and enjoy a healthy drink or snack, all of course adapted for our little ones.

On the menu : a selection of salads, quiches, soups and cakes, as well as homemade fresh fruit juices and of course, hot drinks, all served in a friendly atmosphere where parents can meet, chat, and enjoy spending time with their kids.

Find us

Chez Ninou !

Le Café des Bébés

(Quartier Saint-Roch - Ecusson)
14 rue des Sœurs Noires
tél 09 53 18 28 82

And also

Opens everyday at 10:30, wednesday/saturday until 18:30, friday until 20:30, monday/tuesday/thursday/sunday until 15:00.
Reservation recommended.

Good for our babies!

Good for our health!

Healthy and balanced meals adapted to babies. A clean atmosphere: non toxic materials were used for refurbishments and furniture. All toys are made with natural materials. 

Good for our mood!

By focusing on our children’s needs, Le café des Bébés is a place where self development and creativity are encouraged. It is also an opportunity for our little ones to interact, thus helping them get used to community life. 

Good for self development!

Play and learn with simple shapes, natural materials, letting imagination run free - Games that encourage senses and movement – A number of activities  (see agenda)

Also for parents!

Events and activities on weekends (see agenda)